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This is my friend Katherine. 

We were roommates in Chicago for many years, with memories of fun late nights, and taking ourselves way too seriously in our 20's.  Both of us shared a love of music and movies, which besides the late nights was about all we spent our time doing in our apartment where we lived with 3 other friends in this gray stone on Roscoe. 

Through lots of sub par jobs, Katherine was looking for something exciting, which the temp jobs were just, well not. She would come to my classroom at Washington School often to use the internet to hunt for jobs, which is pretty hilarious to think about now. We had dial up in our apartment which we most likely broke downloading too much music from Napster.

I had a wise beyond her years student named Elise who helped me in my classroom at lunch. On the days Katherine would come (Elise's favorite days), she would share lots of stories of places she saw "Help Wanted" signs. "You know the pet shop on Howard? They're hiring!". She would also give Katherine advice about getting work so she wouldn't end up lazy on the couch like her uncle. It was classic. 

One day after yet another long Chicago Sunday brunch, (such a luxury to think about these days!) we walked into this amazing flower shop in Lincoln Park called "A New Leaf".  The immediate influx of oxygen from all of the fresh flowers drew you in, and made you never want to leave. There were several rooms opening up to a beautiful courtyard, and after about 1/2 hour of meandering, Katherine said, "I want to work here.". 

To me, it was simple. Go to the desk, and demand a job. To Katherine, it took some prodding to get her to tell the people that worked there her desires. That day, I at least convinced her to leave them her number. 

With several locations, lot's going on, this business didn't make the time to call Katherine back. However,  we would see her number still sitting up on the bulletin board whenever we would go in, and she would lament about still wanting to be there. One day, I had enough and I PHYSICALLY had to push her into the door to talk to them again. Um, I'm not joking. Guess, what? With no experience whatsoever, they gave her a job! Amongst many Art Institute students who also worked there, Katherine started a new path.

A path that then led her a few years later to work for Top Floral design company Renny and Reed in NYC on Park Ave, and finally to return to her hometown of Coronado California and join her best friend Kristy in opening their very own floral design business, Root 75.  This adorable shop on pretty much the cutest island in history, was also named the best of SD, NBD. 

When it was my turn to tie the knot, there was no question who I wanted to make my bouquet and whip up gorgeous creations.  I mean....? 

We didn't give her any specifications, just got her buckets and buckets of lush flowers and told her to go nuts. Which she obviously did. It was so fun to see her out there in the tent on what started out a foggy morning, spinning a web of color for my special day. 

When it came time to take a crack at my first floral, it was Katherine's creations that inspired me the most, and I wanted to be sure it was modern and fun.  Let's not belabor this any further... May I present... Katherine's Blooms! 








SO... I don't take 100% credit for Katherine's career move, but I do tell her that I take some. To pay me back, Katherine is going to be coming all the way from California to teach YOU how to make your own gorgeous blooms shine at in your home. She will be setting up shop at Leland gal in Fishtown on Monday August 14th. Sign up here if you want to join the fun! 



Sue Tock

Sue Tock

Love your blog, I am interested in signing up for the floral arrangement class. However the Google Form won’t open because it’s restricted to people within your organization. If you would like me to fill it out, follow the instructions here:

Thank you,
Sue Tock



Love it! xxooogf

Donna Fisher

Donna Fisher

I love this story about Katherine’s Blooms (love the pattern, by the way) – especially how a dear and long time friendship was the inspiration. Have a great summer!

Ellen Custer

Ellen Custer

I want to sign up for August 14 mags but I need permission….help me sister ?

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