Kristin Hussey and Kelsey McQuown

Kristin MacKenzie Designs
Kelsey Grape Jewelry

Monday, August 10
11 ~ 3

Leland gal "Under the Arbor"
River and Main, Leland 49654

Kristin created Kristin MacKenzie Design as a reflection of her love of art and all things colorful. Her most recent curated collection of pieces, feature her hand-painted watercolor artwork, all designs she dreamt up for summer!


Kelsey is first a jeweler, specializing in one-of-a-kind filigree pieces crafted in her beautiful yurt Leland studio. You can preview her latest work at Kelsey Grape, as well as her other venture: Moraine Shop + Studio.  Moraine is a place that features unique art and objects by a wide range of artists, including her own. In addition, she wanted it to be a space to host events and classes, to foster the type of creative community she came to love and appreciate early in her career.