Monday, August 3
11 ~ 3

Leland gal "Under the Arbor"
River and Main, Leland 49654

Clara's mix and match creations are known as
 Style-Mixology: effortlessly transform any piece with her ingenious magnetic clasp and clever shepherd’s hook. Her unique pieces will surely stand out in a crowd, just like the women who wear them.


Lindy's paintings are about celebrating the land, what it grows and how it feeds us. She believes her role as an artist in rural America is to cross-pollinate with the bounty of the area, history, indigenous materials and subjects, other cultures, community, other arts and artists, youth, technology, and the land. Her aim is to inject a distinctive, engaging energy into her work. Inspired by artists Wayne Thiebaud and David Hockney, Lindy doesn't think art has to be happy to be good, but wants hers to be both.