A whole new world has occurred since my last meaty post for the happenings of my life and what's next for Leland gal. First things first, we welcomed Eddie Arthur to our family in September.

Following in his big brother's footsteps, he has been a joyful baby boy. It was the most beautiful fall, so we got to take advantage of great weather with lots of time on the front porch and being by the lake with friends. I was determined not to let having #2 slow me down, and we took him with us everywhere, and for a while my adrenaline kept it that way, but in reality, it has been a circus! Big brother Tommy has been taking it fairly well, but this pretty much sums up how Sadie has been taking the new intruder.

Pretty much feeling ignored and presenting anyone that comes to the house with a mouthful of dirty laundry or stuffed animal.

While we are over the hump of the beginning chaos, and sleeping through the night, it is clear that this is very hard but meaningful work, and we are grateful to have supportive friends and family helping us though.

In business news, we have a really fun announcement to make. We are EXPANDING! Cue this old image of our beloved building!

While we adore our little nook around the corner, it was getting a little tight. FPS called and told us in August that they were moving their museum space, and offered us the full lower half of the Ice House, and we accepted. We will be tearing out the center wall and creating a whole new look for our customers in 2016. Here are just a few sneak peeks of the many things coming your way.

One of the reasons for wanting to expand, is that we get so many wonderful suggestions for ideas, and we are finally able to bring some of these ideas to life. First up, will be duvets and shams. We are over the moon at the softness and quality that we have found, and cannot wait for you to see them in person.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1367.0"]Photo By Kelly Ruffing Photography Photo By Kelly Ruffing Photography[/caption]

We love how the simple clean nature of the birch lattice goes with the greek key for a complete look for your space.  We are starting to make our decisions about what to offer, and cannot wait to show you some knockout combinations!

Another fun product? Poofs! These are so great to have for extra seating, or put your feel up and get comfy, which you can see I am doing right now to bring you this blog post!

Slowly but surely, we will be shooting and rolling these new exciting products out to you. I can assure you, 2016 is going to be our most exciting season yet!

Moving into this newly created space, has also pushed me to move to a different space in my own mind. A space that needs editing, refining and polishing. We are starting off 2016 by "cleaning house", mind body and spirit. Making room for what's important, and de cluttering what isn't and trying to put more weight on experiences. This means, scaling back on old fabrics before we bring you what is new, and trying to focus on streamlining our new space to bring you the best experience possible when you walk through our weathered doors.








Judy E. Weckwert

Judy E. Weckwert

I think you are brilliant. I’m turning coloring book pages into quilts and tablecloths. The problem is that everything I make costs too much money to make more than one of each creation. I LOVE ALL YOUR DESIGNS! You go GAL!

Ashley Goldberg

Ashley Goldberg

Wow this is such exciting news! You certainly have a lot on your plate. Watching Lelandgal grow has become a new pastime of mine. So comforting to see what is coming down the pipe ..feel good fabric and creative and inviting space ! Can’t wait for this summer to come check it out!Ashley

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