Wow. Middle of August already, and we feel like we were just prepping the shop for opening weekend. It's been a busy one, and outrageously beautiful this summer.

I can't remember a time when the garden was this tall, or we went this many days of warm weather and beauty. 

My son started talking in full sentences, got Christened by the lake and has perfected his affectionate "hug" when meeting new friends.  My manager always says in her next life, she wants to come back as Tommy.

My grandmother broke ground, turned 102, and the house is coming along so well, it is our real hope that she will be all moved in before the first blanket of snow.

I have to say that I have felt fairly energetic for being pregnant, but that is starting to dwindle as we are less than a month away from welcoming a new little boy into our lives, and I am also starting get big and feel the need to move slowly.

Aside from people asking me how I'm feeling, they also ask what the weird cravings are happening. This pregnancy taking place in the spring and summer means I've been prone to eating a lot healthier than my winter pregnancy. However, here are the treats that really hit the spot when necessary. My hubby has been proudly bringing up his home grown tomatoes on his weekly treks North, and they are the best! Been eating tomato sandwiches, and a thinly cut toasted bagel with cream cheese, pepper and a thick slice of a Brandywine tomato. Nothing like summer tomatoes.

Additionally, I love a salty and sweet combo of ice cream with peanuts and chocolate, and a pregnant girl couldn't work in fishtown without a few visits to The Dam Candy Store!

At the shop, we pulled off 6 great Pop Up shops to introduce new small businesses, and create new reasons to come to Fishtown in the glowing evening light. We have already started planning for next summer, and have lots of new artists and businesses to share with you!

We also introduced many new products with lots of practical details, which we know will be fan favorites in many color combinations to come.

Meanwhile, back in Grand Rapids... We had a huge unexpected construction project kick off summer. A small repair on the pillar so we could paint started the ball rolling. Our small repair uncovered a major foundation issue, where we had to tear out our front porch, retaining walls and driveway.  OUCH! While it wasn't top on the list of things we wanted to do, we are THRILLED and can't wait to welcome a new baby boy home to this gorgeous place!

Boy, I am tired just reading through all of it! We live life on a fast track, and we know that's our choice, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Throughout this summer, we have started to plan ahead for business growth as well as family expansion. We are excited to share some of our plans as they unfold, and hope you will keep the positivity flowing as we embark on this new chapter and start our fourth year of business! Thank you!



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