Ok folks, here's the truth, in 1 week, I am heading to ALT SUMMIT in Salt Lake City, UT. This is what you would call, and opportunity of a lifetime, and even crazier, I won this ticket for FREE.  How you ask? Simply by posting this stack of my new spinnaker wristets in a contest on Instagram. 

Posting this picture and winning the ticket was the easy part. Accepting, coordinating the start of a busy season at Leland gal, dog sitting, child care, arranging mileage and lining up a couch to crash that's where the hard part started to sink in, and now... what to wear and what to bring. Luckily before I got myself in too much of a snit, I got this hilarious article. All of these thoughts were starting to swirl, and now I'm resigning myself to the fact that I am going to attend as myself.  A polished version, yes, but I will not be packing as anyone else.  Thank you Hilary Rushford for the reassurance.


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What an awesome post via Hilary! Really excited for you! Hope your trip is lovely and encouraging.

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