As someone who takes major pride in their home and interior design, I will admit that when my husband brought home a "free" 9 foot long sailfish this week, I was less than amused.

Picture the pride of the dad from "A Christmas Story" when he wins the major award of the leg lamp. That ear to ear smile was all I could think of when my husband excitedly brought this BEAST into our home and told me he'd be hanging it above our guest room bed.

That's right, above the bed with Matouk sheets, monogrammed pillows, and designer fabric bolster pillows.

Nothing says "rest easy in my home" like a sharp barb and giant eye staring at you above your head, right? This was all I could think about as I stared in shock and awe that this was happening. After a few glasses of wine, I finally got myself turned around and had no choice but to settle into the reality that this fish was going to remain in my home.

Since it has always been my nature to eventually turn a negative (my husband would question what is negative about this amazing gift?) into a positive, I accept this as a challenge. I am going to roll up my sleeves, prove to be willing to work within this new design parameter, and design a fabric specifically for this room. This fabric will not have sailfish on it, but may mirror some of the vibrant colors. Stay tuned friends!

Name suggestions for this newest member of the family are encouraged.


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Maybe you could call him Dexter?

The Nester has a sailfish in her home, too. Looks pretty sweet, although intense.

Excited to see the fabric that you design!

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