Confession: The initial idea of this "Pop up" was to get a girls weekend in Charleston. While we had talked about it, it wasn't until one early morning on the treadmill two months ago, that I really started devising a strategy. First, I needed an accomplice. Of course, I thought of my oldest and dearest pal Sara.

Here were are on the break wall as kids, and who knows why we have such attitudes?

We've been friends since age 3, and we know our roles of road trippers very well. We spent one summer in 1997 with our other oldest Leland friend, Torri, in Annapolis Maryland. That summer we traveled up and down the Eastern shore each weekend to explore different cities.

This was us on our last road trip to Charleston. I was going to crop the ridiculous socks and chunky Adidas running shoes, but let's be honest, it wouldn't give you the full flavor of this image without them.

We were helping Torri move from Charleston to Chapel Hill, and we got the keys locked in the car twice in one day. It was really only fair that we got a do-over 17 years later.

Ahhh, to be 20 again, and passing the time drinking beers on a front porch.

These girls have been here for me all of my life, and their support knows no bounds. Of course they were both game to join in the fun to reunite in Charleston, and Torri's sister, Jackie knew just the place for Leland gal to debut in the South.

Jackie has an office in this amazing building. This is an idea that EVERY city should have. Read more about how this came to be, and think of how to replicate it where you are. We were in love with the space, charm, and creative hum of industry going on at 1600 Meeting Place.

On the 3rd floor, Jackie shares her PR office space with the Novel Showroom. Between these two rooms is an amazing glass covered conference room where I got to set up shop for two days to share my wares with the people of Charleston. The ladies of the Novel Showroom hosted us for our own private cocktail party on Friday and invited friends. I will admit it. I thought I was going to be intimidated by these adorable Southern Belles, but after 5 seconds soon realized we are all similar creative entrepreneurs trying to build our brands, and they were all as down to earth as you could get. It was rejuvenating to see the friendship and collaboration that Lauren Lail,  Liza Cleveland, and Way Way Allen share. I was completely inspired by what they were all doing. We are hoping for a full blown reunion to do a pop up shop for all of them at Leland gal in Leland 2015.

Leland girls reunited at long last in Charleston. What a treat, 17 years later.
After a lovely night we  headed to delicious Indaco for dinner and headed back to our new favorite boutique hotel to bed. Up at at 'em early the next day to join the fun here:

Now, I've participated in many collaborative art/maker showings in my day, but nothing has ever compared to this. Vendors were specifically invited by The Low Country Artists Market, and the event coordinated by the Low Country Local First Organization. It was absolutely amazing, and even more shocking that it was the inaugural event. Over 1500 people in attendance all trying to support local makers, while also having a ball. Beer tents, live music, and food trucks. It was literally the place to be. I got to canoodle with Deidre of Candy Shop Vintage, Sally from Mirth Studio, fell in love with Brackish Bow ties, and best of all, have a reunion with my Alt Summit Buddy, Annie Reeves.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="746.0"]Photo Credit: The Post and Courier article by Christina Elmore Photo Credit: The Post and Courier article by Christina Elmore[/caption]

We are so impressed with the organization, quality and fun that this event was for attendees, as well as vendors.

The show ended at 5, we had the car fully packed by 6, and grabbed one more lovely dinner with our friends before trying to hit the sack early. While we had time to make an overnight stop on the way down, we knew we had to get back Sunday evening so we were making it our goal to do the whole drive in one day.

We had our alarms set for 5:45, but some over served gentlemen in the courtyard had other plans at 2:45 am. We we awoken by them, and after 15 minutes of tossing and turning decided to just hit the road. Best. Decision. Ever.  16 hours is a long drive. We narrowly missed crazy thunder and lightning storms in the South, and while the last two hours were pretty rainy, still made it home at 7:30 in time to put my son to bed, have popcorn and a glass of wine for dinner, and put my feet up to rehash with my husband.

It was a whirlwind, but it was worth it. Can't wait for that summer reunion 2015 on our turf to return the favor of the Southern Hospitality we received in Charleston.

"Taking the time to live life, will only inspire your work" -Lilly Pulitzer



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