Next up, we take a journey through the original living room. Here I am on moving day, bringing far more stuff into the space than needed. I loved the original built ins, and couldn't wait to fill them with my antique bowl collection, and art books.

This was my preview of the space before purchase,  Michelangelo would have been proud.

Since "French Country" was so in at the time, I went berserk over the toile curtains my mom found for the space. I remember some friends coming to visit on the evening that I moved in, and this is already what it looked like 6 hours into moving in. My parents and I work very fast when put to a challenge.

This was also my first flat screen TV that my dad got me as a housewarming present from Costco. The brand was "Maxent", ever heard of it? Me neither. One quick pause on "Sex in the city" and it had a burn mark for good right down the center of the screen. The giant couch didn't fit in the moving truck, and had to be tied to the back of the semi in the sprinkling rain on moving day. It also wouldn't fit through the door, and the door had to be taken off the hinges.

It was mine all mine, and I was thrilled. Here was the full view once the dining room was green. Lightening up the space did make it feel bigger, but after a few years, I was ready to revamp it again to make it more of a chic city dwelling rather than a country getaway in the city.

I splurged on this amazing abstract by E.J. Fitzpatrick in Leland that summer, and nothing surprised me more. It was really the first abstract that grabbed my attention in that way. I've been taken with them ever since.

I've never been able to stick to one genre of decor, and I don't think you should have to. If you combine elements from lots of different design aesthetics into one unique space, it can work. I can't commit to traditional, vintage, or modern, so I just somehow make it work using all three.

Adding the sconces did wonders in this space to make it feel light and airy. Here again is  perfect example of how my "big ideas" benefit from being edited.

Here is one last look in the major transformation of this space. This is sure fun to share with you, and flooding me with all kinds of wonderful memories of the time when I lived 100% on my own in the big city.



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