I can remember feeling so at peace laying down to sleep the first night there by myself only to realize that the elevator shaft was directly behind my head. "ding, ding"! I sat up straight in bed and thought, "What have I done?". But just like the Amtrak station close to my dorm room in college, the sounds began to be a comfort, and I adjusted. Here is what the space looked like when I went to see it the first time.

 I didn't mind the color all that much at first, and made it work. I simply HAD to have an antique iron framed bed to make this align with the country look I was going for in the entire space.

Buffalo check can never steer you wrong, and looking back, I see one of my Grandmother's needle points of the Leland gal tree front and center. Along with it, a commissioned watercolor from her as well of our beloved apartment with friends on the nightstand. You might remember seeing this here.

My Great Grandmother's metal mirror and the heaviest dresser known to man. In the window, simple white drapes with ball trim, and a radiator that also made crazy sounds throughout the night.

Just enough space to squeeze by and get to the bathroom with this table and all important vintage TV.

A country spot in the city would not be complete without some "up north" cherry botanical prints by my mamma.

I did redo the whole room before I met my husband, but once he moved in, we had our first team project of demolishing the tiny poorly planned closets to make room for him and bought ourselves our first power tool. The almighty Saws-All.

No face masks meant using vintage napkins and glamorous shades for safety protection.

Now, for the final reveal. I really started to fall in love with the cool blues, and wanted it to have a beach glass feel. Fresh, clean and bright. I could not believe the difference a fresh coat of paint and new crown moulding made.

Having a lighter space really just made the bedroom feel huge. What started out a cozy nook, turned out to be a sunny, fresh, retreat.  Here's one last look of difference:



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