Dog Day Afternoon + Berries and Cherries
It's no secret, we are dog people. When perusing some delightful chinoiserie prints over the winter, I looked within our own history to try to create our own version and of course a yellow dog ALWAYS at the center of it all. It only made sense. Folks have already asked me if this is my dog Sadie, and in a way, yes. It's more an ode to all of the yellow dogs that been a part of my life. 
These dogs all come with their own personalities, strengths and weaknesses. These yellow dogs have all made a lasting impact on our lives and brought so much joy and laughter (and yes, some frustration as well) 
It is in their honor that I created Dog Day Afternoon.
I hope you enjoy this fun happy print, as much as I enjoyed creating it, as well as the product choices to go along with this playful design. Also available in our darling collaboration pin with Northpoint Studio.  
When we first started out, we had a basic cherry print that was popular, and it was time for an update. As much as I liked it, I didn't think that print highlighted enough of the gorgeous bounty of the county. I also liked the idea of being able to easily layer this new print with our buffalo checks and organics to create a complete look. Over and over again, I realize that simple is the way to go in terms of design. It's also more challenging than you might think. It didn't take long before the Berries and Cherries quickly became one of my favorites for this season. 
Click on any image to take you directly to our Dog Day Afternoon and Berries and Cherries Collection!  



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