Take a gander at our loyal Team Leland gal from this year!  Weather was dry during packets pass out, and then it started drizzling, but our team was still game for a group shot.

Some families got their Fishtown team shot in while still dry, bright and early.

Moments after our team picture was taken the sky opened up and really let Fishtown have it!

Our team took cover together, and under any shelter they could, and even filled the shop!

Luckily, just before the start, the rain stopped, and cooled us all off before hitting the course.

Due to being 7.5 months pregnant (see large person on far right of group shot), I took this year as an observational year and enjoyed catching our team at the top of the hill at The Leland Lodge.

Turned out to be a great day, a bit humid in Leland terms, but great fun had by all to help support our favorite spot, Fishtown.

Best shot to show the excitement and togetherness of this wonderful community event for all ages.

Fishtown had over 550 people racing this year! If you want to give back to this special place, be sure to contact Fishtown, and if you would like to join our team next year, be sure to sign up for our newsletter on our website so you can be first on our list, we would love to have you!



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