Floating Fronds and Buttermilk Skies
 People ask me all the time if I would ever do a pineapple print, flamingos or palm trees. While those things are darling and would also likely sell, it's just not me or indicative of our brand, and I always aspire to stay true to what remains inspirational.  
It is so easy to love and notice the trend of the palm and banana leaves right now. I love them too, but never really could get on board using them in my home since those more tropical areas are not really in my wheelhouse. So, it got me thinking, what would our version of the palms be? Through a lifetime of hiking these beautiful dunes and forests, what I am always super drawn to are the varieties of ferns that grace these paths. They even made their way into my wedding bouquet and over the past couple of years, I dreamed of creating our own Great Lakes version of the Palm. 

Equally obsessed with attempting to recreate the texture of the beautiful clouds over the water or farmlands, I wanted to create an all over print to replicate the ahhhhh feeling of when those clouds appear. My kids are always making fun of me when I point them out from the car window.  

These two natural beauty items are the inspiration behind: 

Floating Fronds and Buttermilk Skies!  

It is so fun to see these patterns in my mind, now come to life and replicated on Interior items, gifts and apparel.  
Additionally, the ferns and the clouds were the start of the inspiration for working with Detroit Laser to create our own Leland gal shapes and colors for jewelry. We couldn't be happier with how these turned out! 

Click here to see our whole collection of all things Ferns and Clouds! 


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Sally Biggs

Sally Biggs

Loving the ferns/fronds! Gotta get some earrings, for starters!

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