Is there anything that can top the magical sparkle of light hitting the water? As a child growing up in East Leland, I would stare at those sparkles by the hour. In a time before cell phones, and where my biggest concern was when I'd catch a boat ride to town to ride bikes with my best friend.

Even though I am 37 now, these sparkles still capture my heart, and put me at ease like nothing else. It is a tranquility that allows you to lose time in a good way. Time that you need to lose, time to think, time to just be. Just looking at this makes me feel sun kissed even though I am sitting inside on a very rainy day.

Similarly, I have the same wonderful feeling from moonlight hitting the water. This magical effect bringing back memories of being out on the lake with friends late at night. While we were safe enough to have our lights on, the moon shining so bright they weren't necessary.

As an Artist, I've had to force myself to realize that you don't have to paint things as they are. What I have really tried to work on, is painting a feeling rather than an image. While these are still bare bones sketches, and I know they are simple, I like the idea of getting the sense of what it's like to be sitting there in that warm sun looking out, or slowly bobbing in the waves on a boat at moonlight.

Additionally, these raw brush strokes give way to color blending together, and what makes a pure design for fabric. As I am settling back into my routine back in Grand Rapids at home, I am really enjoying exploring this idea of breaking things down into simpler terms for my 2015 fabric  line. Part representational, part feeling.



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