Meet Sara! Sara is the founder of the Blog, Project Soiree, where "Life is a party, and you're invited". Sara came to my shop last summer and was kind enough to start posting about her favorites. Here Sara is with her dog, Leland.

The funny thing is that this blue eyed beauty and I have not yet met in person. I started following her fashion blog once she started posting about the shop. This was Sara's first purchase at Leland gal.

Once we "met" online, we've realized that we have a lot in common. Sara lives blocks away from my former condo in Chicago and posts often about heading to my favorite Chicago restaurant, Mon Ami Gabi, making me miss the old neighborhood, and the best nights with family and friends at that french bistro. Sara is an original "Michigan Girl" growing up in Grand Rapids where we live now, and spends a lot of time "up north" in the summer with family.

I love living vicariously through Sara. She's living a great life in Chicago, taking a bite out of every opportunity, and taking the time to appreciate the little things when she's there, and when she's back in Michigan.

Sara seems to love the city life, but loves to support her Michigan roots. I can completely relate to this dichotomy of living.  We have been very honored to have been featured on Project Soiree a few times. Here in the Holiday Gift Guide:

Also here we get to house all of Sara's favorite Summer Beauty Products.

I think it's safe to say that we have found a loyal customer in Sara. We have been so honored to be featured on her blog, and love seeing all of her inspiring fashion moments, and sampling of great food!

Sara's Questionnaire:

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Favorite Movie: The Parent Trap

Favorite Song to Dance To: Drunk in Love - Beyonce

Aspiring To: I aspire to inspire others by living life to its fullest. I named my blog "Project Soiree" because my life is a continual “Project” and I truly believe that each moment (big or small) should be celebrated "Soiree." (

Favorite Creative Pastime: Acrylic Painting, come see my etsy shop!

How Has Your Upbringing Influenced Your Creativity: My Grandpa and Dad were both painters and their creativity has always been an inspiration for me to pick up a paintbrush. Some of my favorite memories growing up were spent painting at the dining room table with my Dad and now I have a small corner of my Chicago apartment dedicated to my own paintings.


How Do You Leland Gal? The Joy tug boat is one of the many things I absolutely love about Leland so this tug print Ditty bag was a must-have for carrying my accessories. With my middle name being Joy and having the word "Joy" tattooed on my wrist I think I'll always have a deep love for the Leland tug boat. From makeup, a to-do list, pens or business cards this Ditty bag holds all my daily necessities with a little reminder to be joyful. 

You can follow along with Sara's adventure's here! Thank you Sara!

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