Meet Elizabeth! Elizabeth is a Southern Belle with a hilarious sense of humor, and style is her middle name. I've been lucky enough to know Elizabeth for about a decade, and though long stretches of time pass between our meetings, it always feels like I am with an old friend when we reconnect.

Elizabeth is a mom of two adorable boys, and lives in Charleston, South Carolina. I am very excited that I will be seeing Elizabeth and the rest of her buddies when I head down there for a trunk show in a month. What I've always loved about Elizabeth is that she can be literally one of the most glamorous people I've ever met, but she's not afraid to dress up and be ridiculous.

On one of my visits to Charleston, we celebrated with champagne at lunch when she passed the South Carolina bar exam. Brains and style to boot!  Although the world of law was intriguing to Elizabeth, it was fashion that could not leave her mind. Where I find creativity in color and paint brushes, Elizabeth finds it in styling and beauty. She now heads up the Charleston division of The Well Coiffed Closet as a personal stylist, and travels all over to help clients look and feel their best. Can you imagine being able to have a pro come and help you put together outfits from your closet and more? It would be my dream.

Elizabeth has made her way to Michigan many times with my close family friends and that is how we were introduced.

Here is a little bit about Elizabeth, and how she uses her ditty bag as a clutch carry all.

Hometown: Florence, SC. I'm a Charlestonian by way of College of Charleston and marriage...

Favorite Movies: Legally Blonde (my life played out a bit this way--went to law school, practiced for years, and now l've unleashed my love of fashion and shopping). I also loved The Wolf of Wall Street because it was so unbelievable, and then of course Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby was a visual feast. Oh, and then there is The Burbs. I could go on...

Favorite Songs to Dance To: Music always amps me up, so there are too many songs that I could list. Usually it's the new catchy tune on the radio (to indulge my inner teen), like Taylor Swifts "Shake it up" or Bulletproof by La Roux. 

Aspiring To: Find balance in the day to day juggling act of life. Family, Friends, Self, Exercise, Sanity.....

Favorite Creative Pastime: I don't have much 'pastime' on my hands these days with my 5 yr old and 21 month old boys, so when I do, it's finding quiet, time to do power yoga, and reading the stacks of magazines around the house. And of course perusing King Street on my own. 

How Has Your Upbringing Influenced Your Creativity: My parents let me try what I was interested in and made me stick with them, such as art and piano, and they also indulged my traveling adventures (as well as shopping.....terrible to say but it is my profession for a reason...).

How do you Leland gal? I Leland gal by stuffing as much as possible into my Ditty Bag (aka purse/wallet/makeup case/work tote/jewelry box).  Here I have my jouer lippy, rms powder, cards and case, last nights earrings (so cute! Candy Shop Vintage), and of course Leland memories from this summer courtesy of Jackie.

Want Elizabeth to be your personal stylist? Catch up with her here on Instagram!




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