Meet Louise and Hadley. Since the day they were born, these blondies were drawn to color, and thus my perfect test market.

Whether they liked it or not, they've also been major customers of Leland gal since the beginning, which tends to happen when your mom is the owners oldest friend.

Complete free spirits in two totally different ways, it's been a blast to watch these two growing up and turning into real human beings. I always marveled at that concept as a teacher. Wait, these kids are actually going to grow up and be real people one day?

Whether we like it or not, it's happening, and lets face it, with this cuteness their parents are in gigantic trouble.

When I sat down with the girls to interview them, they were thrilled and a bit stunned that I would leave a cocktail hour and come and give them my undivided attention. Something I clearly need to do more often, because I learned a lot about what makes these two tick.


Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Favorite Movie: Diamond Castle Barbie Movie

Favorite Song to Dance To: "I know now I never should have been in love" *See..Trouble!

Aspiring To: Be a babysitter, or something where I can spend time with my mom. When we discussed the prospect of owning her own sweet shop or being a dessert chef (because she has the biggest sweet tooth imaginable), she was smart enough to realize she wouldn't turn a profit if she did that.

Favorite Creative Pastime: Painting, Drawing, Ballet.

How Has Your Upbringing Influenced Your Creativity: Mom's always doing projects.

How do you Leland gal?  Hadley's looking forward to me making a larger bag for her, because her treasures couldn't possibly fit in the ipenny purse I gave her.


Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Favorite Movie: Diamond Castle Barbie Movie. (Shocker)

Favorite Song to Dance To: Nutcracker

Aspiring To: Louise is deep the struggle to chose between pop star, and artist. If she goes the creative route, she will be a painter, sculptor, potter, drawer doing anything with bright colors. If neither of those work out, being a dancer is her back up plan.

Favorite Creative Pastime: "I love drawing, and love to make patterns when I draw. I go big, small, big, small and love to draw jewelry. I love dance, ballet, jazz, and love to jump around."

How Has Your Upbringing Influenced Your Creativity: This was the one that blew me away. "Actually, Aunt Maggie it's seeing you do paintings and art stuff and mom's painting that makes me want to do art and be just like you guys". Whoa. Heart melted.

How do you Leland gal?  For Louise, this was clearly more about a cool composition. Her two most important things she wanted to be sure went into her ipenny purse were her jewelry and Sharpie.  She wanted to be sure I knew that sharpie was her drawing utensil of choice. I'm right there with you, Louise.

I couldn't give all the attention to the girls, props to big brother Quinn for also always showing his support for Aunt Maggie too.



nancy miller

nancy miller

Would LOVE to see YOUR "sisters" in Leland Gal clothing……….think you could???Am soooooo proud of what you have done….Nancy :o)

Leslie Black

Leslie Black

Love these little nieces and nephew Quinner too… could they be any cuter? Maggie I really like your new fabrics BTW!

Aunt, Leslie

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