It's funny, I was thinking about doing some new fabric designs and I actually told myself "no". I thought, I've already introduced enough to my "2014" fabric line, and it will confuse people. About 30 seconds later I realized that was the dumbest thing I'd ever said to myself.  Why would I ever hold myself back from creating new ideas?  As this business progresses, I find myself wanting to create layers of fabrics for a room design. As one of my idols, Sarah Richardson says, " each room should have no less than 10 prints". This gives a room depth, and something I am working towards in my own home.  Therefore, I want to start to create some patterns that are more "all over" and not as clear of a repeat for layering.

I never want to stray from my connection to water, nature and the feeling you get when you are outside. I've been working to break things down into simpler terms, and also think about what will look great. This is surf bubbles, you know the ones that flow around your toes when you are looking for beach glass?

Speaking of beach glass...

I cannot wait to see how this turns out on fabric. Keep in mind, I always play with background color, but I am excited about this. That feeling of light coming through glass is one I am always trying to mimic in paintings through aqua ball jars and I've always had an obsession with beach glass. Then there has always been the thought... what do I do with it? I have collected so much in my lifetime and putting it in a jar seems to minimize the glory and joy of finding it. This is one of the reasons this trills me so. I love the colors, the abstract nature, and what it represents.

Summer sun at the beach, no explanation needed.  These next few are in progress, but I am loving the raw nature of them, and I don't know for sure if I am going to do a whole lot more to them.  This represents the beginnings of water reflection.

So this one takes me way back. Age 16, out on the lake with tons of friends, blankets and the only sound is laughing, and water lapping on the boat (a Penn Yan boat if memory serves). What were we doing? Waiting for a meteor shower. I agree this is a very simple design, but it represents a simple night of fun.

In my real life, I cannot get enough of the Greek Key design. It dawned on me through seeing a friends new Greek Key valance that it would only enhance our birch lattice line to create one, it will look great plain, or with a monogram inside. Going to be lots of fun to pair this with some great colors and fonts.

So there you have it, these might be making their way into the shop and online and later this summer.  My lesson is to never hold myself back from trying a new idea, because all of these ideas came fleeting in, amongst a million other things that I was in the middle of doing, but I had to stop and see them through.



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