Layering in other prints and textures. (finally)
From the beginning of starting Leland gal, we have tried to listen to our audience each year and build our brand on what our loyal followers enjoy. One of the of constants we hear from interior design enthusiasts is the wish for more patterns and textures to layer in with hand painted designs. This year, I really let my time in the studio saturate around me before coming to any final conclusions. We consciously did not add in any new prints that were strictly graphic, as it was important to stick to our roots of starting in the studio playing with paint, rather than a mouse. Creating a new tagline for our brand, really helped set me free with my paintbrush. I have felt a pressure (self inflicted) to remain under the umbrella of waterside living, and that was one of the things that was holding me back from creating more abstract ideas. Not anymore!     Introducing our Buffalo Checks and Organic series!  
After years of watching Chicago Mac races come through Good Harbor Bay, I've loved following the app with the visuals of where everyone is along the way. That is the inspiration behind this coral organic print, called "Birds Eye Boats".  (bottom) 
All through my life, I have loved following the glow of lightning bugs in the dusk of night, and the trails that radiate around them. That is the inspiration behind "Lighting Bugs".  (middle) 
Picking your own fruit as a kid is something everyone should do (or an adult for that matter). "Blueberries" is inspired by sunny days with stained fingers while eating on the job. (left) 
While I've always loved a buffalo check and a gingham, there hasn't really been one that I could find that I liked layering in with our prints, and I just had to make my own with our colors. This was so fun, and the results were better than I could have hoped for. Within artwork, and fabrics, I've always favored a painterly approach, and intentionally did not want these to be mixed perfectly, and wanted the brush strokes to show. I also didn't want the lines to be perfectly straight. Thus our three new buffalo checks were born. Citrus, Lake and Foliage are our color combinations and they all align with our Leland gal colors perfectly.
(Also a new bag style for us this year, The Roundy!)
Add them in with your old favorites to bring new textures and layering to your home decor. We used white on our outdoor pillows to help them stand out, and kept our ditty bag and new port pouch clean with the higher intensity. 
We hope you will love these new additions as much as we do! 
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