While resigning to continue to build my own business was the best feeling on the planet, I will always be passionate about teaching, and the importance of the arts in schools. It would be my dream to someday build this business enough to have a product line created to help fund arts programs in schools. Working for myself, and leaving the field of education after 12 years was never about the kids, with the exception of staying home to provide a better life for my own son. I miss them and the hilarious stories that I have from my former career all the time.  

To me, teaching art was not about creating full time artists, but teaching kids how to cope with life. No, not everyone that is in art class will pursue a career in art, but they could add a creative outlet and hobby to their lives that could help get them through all the bad times as well. Unlike anything else, creating art has the power to instill focus, and is the only thing that I know of that can completely take your mind away from yourself.  I never understood why these extremely important life skills were always put on the back burner. 

I have never been one to live with any regrets, and I love this new path that I am creating for myself and my family, but I hope to one day continue to make a difference for kids with my business. 



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