Remember this beautiful picture I borrowed to show the beauty of framing fabric patterns?

How much of a small world can it be, that I am now featured on this designers blog? Jana Bek is a designer that I found on Houzz, and connected with about our similar tastes and use of vibrant color. After I contacted Jana, I continued to search her style and projects and stumbled upon this amazing lookbook for society social sofa's that Jana did this featured design for, and I could not believe she was the same designer of the image that I'd posted about months before. I respect the way she ties a room of tones together with some serious punch of color and bold accent pieces that are not afraid of being large scale. Her designs are fresh, gutsy, and clean. Thank you Jana for your support, and I look forward to collaborating in the future! Jana does do work for e clients nationwide if you're looking for this kind of style in your home!



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