For the past month, I have been harping on myself again and again. I've got to get a new blog post up, and work on posting at least once a week. While this is my goal, and I certainly hope to improve on this as the fall and winter approach...  I got this picture from a friend last night, and I let go of all of that self inflicted anxiety over keeping a schedule on this new life I have chosen. This picture was a great reminder of this gift that I have been given, and I forgave myself and drifted into a very deep sleep. 

Another friend that I used to teach with in Chicago wrote to me last week and said something that stuck with me. "I hope you are as happy as you seem".  As a perpetual optimist, I really only share the positive things that are going on, but for other people trying to make it out there in the world on their own I will let you in on a little secret:  Nothing is perfect.  I have constant rejections, heartaches, setbacks, literal falls I have to get up from, and every step of the way there are little reminders to push ahead and keep enjoying the processes as much as the end products.. This is the actual prize I've won by taking this leap, the gift of time and experiences, and It is days like this one that help me continue to focus on the positive and what is important, and live with no regret or guilt.

I do promise you that there are many fun collaborations in the works, new ideas, new patterns, and as the cool breezes of fall start to come in, and we close the shop for the season, I will start to wind down to my second year of my winter routine and will share those things in detail without feeling rushed.

Finally starting to accept the fact that I make my own rules on this adventure.




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Sarah Peschel

Sarah Peschel

There you are. Nice dose of authenticity and honesty, and a good reminder to everyone one out there that it takes self forgiveness and self nurturing to keep moving forward. Thanks lady.

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