Bubble Painting

Easy, Fun Art Made with Bubbles

Heather Harrington, the founder and creative force behind Life and Whim, has shared with us one of her many fun activities to do with our kids.

Kids will have a blast painting with bubbles! It is an easy activity to do with things you have on hand in your home. This is also a great activity to do with kids outside as it can get a little messy. If doing it inside, make sure you have extra paper towels on hand!


• Paper (thicker is better)
• straws or
• recycled water bottles
• mesh (from tangerine or avocado bag) 
• hair tie or masking tape
• dish soap
• food coloring or paint (we prefer food coloring)
• plastic containers to put bubbles in
• scissors
• paper towels
• stir stick or spoon
• sparkles  (optional)
1. First gather your materials and prepare your space. 
2. Create a bubble blower from an old water bottle by cutting the water bottle in half. Tape mesh to the cut end or use a hair tie to hold it on. You can also paint with bubbles using a straw if you prefer (note be sure to tell kids not to suck backup so they don’t get soap in their mouth).
3. Create your bubbles by using approximately 1/3 dish soap and 2/3 water. Add food coloring of your choice. I would start with less color and add more as you like so that you can gauge how your color is turning out. 
4. Have fun blowing your bubbles onto the paper. Mixing different colors is fun and you can add some sparkles just for fun!
5. Once your paper dries you can use the beautiful artwork as wrapping paper, artwork to frame, creating cards, or cut it up to create a fun collage. The possibilities are endless!
Happy painting!