Meditative Rain Sticks

Art therapy with these soothing, and colorful noise makers 

This project is a LOT of fun, and will take your time for a few days, which is what we all have right now! You'll want to gather up all your materials ahead of time, and experiment with your sounds too ... rocks, rice, pebbles. You decide what sounds soothing to you. 

Again, this project isn't limited to the kids! All ages are capable and SHOULD make one, a fun way to pass the time, but also a comforting noise during a moment of mediation or reflection. 

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Download my Meditative Rain Sticks directions now


  • 1 cardboard paper towel roll or large mailing tube using nails in lieu of pins
  • Marker
  • Masking tape
  • Straight pins or long nails if you’re you using a larger tube
  • Noise material: pebbles/rice/dry beans -or- whatever you have on hand or mix! 
  • Papier Mâché Don’t have it? Here’s a recipe
  • Ripped newspaper strips -or- magazine strips
  • Paint! Acrylic is best, because it won’t flake, like tempera would... 

Step 1 
Draw lines around your tube, depending on how many pins or nails you have. If you want this to take a LONG time, make those lines about ½ inch apart. 

Step 2
Press or hammer your pins in a row all the way around the drawn lines. 

Step 3
Tape over your line of pin heads or nail heads. This keeps Them in place and hidden.

Step 4
Tape up ONE end of your tube to seal it shut. 

Step 5
Now you’re ready to add noise! Use about 2 cups of your noise material (for paper towel size tube) and pour into the open end of your tube. Check the sound: do you like it? If it’s too much/too little, add or take away as desired. Once you are satisfied, use tape to seal it shut. 

Step 6
Now that both ends of your tube are sealed, and your noise material is trapped inside, Let’s decorate! Using strips of newspaper (it’s always best to rip into strips instead of cutting, creates a better seal), dip into papier mâché (wiping off any excess) and smooth all over to create one layer on top of your tube. Once your tube is covered, let it dry completely.

Step 7
Time to decorate! Paint in patterns and layers of color, and let dry.