Transform Ugly Tile

Tile Transformation! (for about $15) 

Our #grannychicconvert is something we have been working on since September and we have come a long way, but budgetary restraints are ever present, so we are doing everything we can to make it feel more us, until… 

So far, this has been one of the least expensive but most gratifying mini projects in the house. I’d say this will likely last us a couple of years, but it’s worth it. Every builder friend cautioned me against painting tile, which is often a motivator for me to prove them wrong, however this solution meant not having to paint around grout. 

The theme to my house is always “don’t look too close”, but from a few feet away, it’s really convincing this is turquoise shiny tile. This is NOT the full reveal of the room - stay tuned - because that top cabinet is about to go. 


  • Clean your surface well to avoid any grit or bumps during the application. 
  • Purchase color of your choice, cut to size, peel and stick! 
  • Press your finger in a line down the middle and smooth out toward the edges. 
  • Stand back and enjoy your work. 

    Color Options : 


    - BEFORE - 
    Please don't try this balance trick at home!


    - DURING -
    Release your inner perfectionist...
    It’s not going to be perfect, but it’s an improvement!

    - AFTER -
    We love how it turned out!