Wanted: Insect Posters

Insects for the win! 

For this project, you'll need to make colored glue! Which is a lot of fun, but will also have to sit overnight in order to set (pro tip: do this right before bedtime!) 

This is a good one to do outside too, so here's to decent Spring weather, wherever you are at home. #makewithlelandgal

Click to download Insect Wanted Poster directions here


  • Colored Glue: Here’s how to make: Use insides of markers and leave in glue overnight, Food coloring, or watercolor concentrate, Do this ahead of time, close securely and have kids shake, shake, shake to get some energy out! This will need overnight to dry before third step! 
  • Large Construction Paper
  • Chalk 
  • Hairspray 
  • Larger posterboard if you have it! 

Step 1
Do some research and find images of your chosen insect, then fill out the insect poster information. Set aside.

Step 2
On the large construction paper, use your found images to sketch out your insect, filling up the entire page with the body. 

Step 3
Trace lines of your insect with colored glue and let dry overnight. 

Step 4
Now it’s time for your chalk! This will be messy (you might want to take this outside) and you’ll need to put it on a flat surface. Choose a main color for your insect, but select one color you didn’t use for the background, and fill it in. 

Step 5
Lightly spray with hairspray and let dry. Assemble your poster and enjoy! 


Insect Poster Butterfly
Insect Poster