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Betsy and I connected through her parents, and she expressed her desire to pursue her quilting career. Knowing the challenges of trying to do business while having kids, we took a full year to plan for this show. Betsy purchased some of our Leland gal fabric to create some very special pieces to adorn your home. Betsy has worked so hard in this labor of love to bring you some gorgeous quilts on Monday! Way to go Betsy! 


Current favorites? (songs, movies, books, cocktails, seasonal activities)

My current favorite wine is French Pool Toy Rose, because it comes in an amazing plastic bottle that you can tote to the pool or beach - no bottle opener required! It also pairs well with just about everything! My favorite book is actually a cookbook, 100 Days of Real Food, and my favorite past time (when not wrangling my two small children and quilting) is working out at Grand Haven Fit Body Boot Camp. I always leave feeling happier, stronger, and ready to take on the day! I also love getting to have a little social time with some of my friends at 6 a.m.!

Favorite creative pastime?

I love quilting and writing!

How has your upbringing influenced your creativity?

As a child, I loved visiting my grandparents at their cottage on Lake Leelanau. I learned to water ski, wakeboard and drive a boat there - and it inspired my love of lakes and being near the water. I now live in Grand Haven, Michigan, just two miles from the “Big Lake” and it continues to fuel my creativity - my home (and many of my quilts) are filled with the beachy blues, sand bar beiges and and grassy greens that remind me of the coast.

Aspiring to... (What does your company do?)

The Social Seamstress deigns quilts that are cheerfully modern, yet comforting. They are made to remind you of the people, places and things you love most. I am particularly excited about the new quilts we designed using Maggie’s one-of-a-kind Leland Gal fabrics!

What does a normal day look like for you?

On a typical day, I wake up at 5 am for cardio, strength training and positivity at Grand Haven Fit Body Boot Camp. Then, I usually go to Starbucks and order a nonfat mocha with whipped cream (to offset all the calories burned at Bootcamp!). If it’s light out, I will drive home by way of Lake Michigan so I can get home to take take care of my kids. If the kids nap or play, I might clean the house, or do a little sewing before taking them to the pool, dance, or getting groceries. My husband has his own business and travels a lot, so usually if he is not home, I am in bed by 8 pm with the kids!

What are your favorite + least favorite parts about what you do?

My favorite part of quilting is selecting the pattern and fabrics. My least favorite part is ironing the seams - it’s tedious, but incredibly important.

How are you "making light" in your everyday life?

Quilting helps me express myself creatively, and gives me a sense of accomplishment and purpose. When you stay home with small children 24/7, almost everything you do gets undone throughout the day. A clean playroom is a disaster by 5 pm. A spotless kitchen is dirty by dinner. And laundry is practically a lost cause. Quilting is the one thing in my life that cannot be undone. I also love seeing my kids wrapped up in my colorful creations, knowing that most are heirlooms that will endure for generations to come.

What is your favorite dance move?

The shopping cart!

What would be your go-to Leland gal product for a gift? What print?

I love the Leland Gal coasters with Janice Sue! Every time I set my drink on them, I am transported to Fishtown, and I immediately feel more at ease!

Where can others find you? (social links)

You can follow my Instagram on @thesocialseamstress


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Jane L

Jane L

So proud of you Betsy and LOVE your fabulous quilts, beautiful family and your high energy!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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