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It's hard to believe that Julie and I have not actually met in person yet! Julie connected with one of my store employees last summer, who took to Julie and her company right away.  I got some of her catalogs and fell in love with the witty nature of Nourishing Notes. It felt like home, and hit on nostalgia and humor very well. I reached out to Julie to see if we could host her and she was very gracious. We chatted on the phone for a long time and connected on all things motherhood, entrepreneurship, as well as Chicago where she lives and I spent 10 years. Throughout the year, I have loved seeing Julie travel around to bring her love of cooking and brand to folks around the country. It's our honor that she will be joining us this summer! She will kick off our Summer Pop Up Series on Monday, June 25th alongside Alexia Warburg Post in our shanty in Fishtown. 



Name: Julie Morelli

Business Name: Nourishing Notes

Current Favorites? 
Cocktail : Campari, club soda, ice, orange slice!
Reading : CherryBombe magazine
Listening to : Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, Mary J Blige
Favorite Creative Pastime?
Doodling! I doodle everywhere all the time. Junk mail envelopes, receipts, sometimes I'll even find a real notebook!
How has your upbringing influenced your creativity? 
Oooh that's a tough one - I didn't grow up in what you would consider a creative home. However, there was always something cooking in the kitchen. From an early age I learned how important food is. So although I wasn't encouraged to get out the paints and create a masterpiece, I was encouraged to cook and to share it with others.
Aspiring to... 
Share our love of food and laughter through our work. To brighten your day and bring a giggle to your kitchen table.
What does a normal day look like for you? 
Wake up too early (because, toddler), COFFEE, head to the studio. From there it's a grab bag of the following : Processing orders and invoicing, responding to emails, planning for upcoming shows / events / markets, fulfilling orders, checking in with our local offset and screen printer about timing or cost or paper stocks, driving to the printer to pick up an order (and staying too long because they are the nicest so we chat forever), delivering a wholesale order to one of our retail partners here in Chicago (again, stay too long chatting), assembling some sort of a social media post hopefully without spelling errors, looking over inventory in the studio to see what needs to be reordered / reprinted, never finish all of it but make it home in time to make a good dinner with my fam :)
What are your favorite + least favorite parts about what you do? 
Favorite : Dreaming up new ideas!
Least favorite : Trying to bring those ideas to life and hitting road blocks, usually that means whatever I dreamed up is too expensive.
How are you "making light" in your everyday life?
Taking time to make food. It might seem like a small thing, but my husband and I make just about every meal we eat. Our kitchen is constantly in disarray, but sharing food is sharing love (we can always clean later!).
What is your favorite dance move?
I am best left off the dance floor - but I can make some really great snacks while you are all dancing and we can eat afterwards.
What would be your go-to Leland gal product for a gift? What print?
The Tug Lattice Sleep Mask! It's my favorite - everyone should have one.
Where can others find you?
Instagram : @NourishingNotes



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