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Surely to most of you, Kalin needs no introduction? From someone who considers herself comfortable in her own skin, Kalin blows me out of the water. I have only met Kalin online thus far, but I feel like I've known her forever and that we would have been great cabin mates at camp. I won't mention that I when I was at camp she was a toddler, but when you are young at heart (me) and an old soul (Kalin), age knows no boundaries, right? Her online presence and vulnerability will make you adore her in seconds, and guess what guys? She's coming to Fishtown to hang out with us on August 13th! What does she do you say? Read below to find out! Sign up sheet for her floral classes at the bottom of the page. 

Name: Kalin Sheick

Business Name: Sweetwater Floral 

Current favorites?

For me, nothing beats a summer swim in the lake followed by a glass of rose and a slow meandering pontoon ride. :)

Favorite creative pastime?

Before starting my business I was a television reporter. Being able to focus on 'features' allowed me an amazing few years of telling stories of Northern Michigan people who do amazing things- it was SO fun coming up with new ideas of how to creatively tell stories.

How has your upbringing influenced your creativity?

I grew up in a house that played a LOT of loud music. We were always jamming out. My mom is a writer so I naturally read a ton of books. My sister is a painter. We are a creative, weird group, I couldn't love them more. All of it definitely inspired me to be unique and my own person.

Aspiring to... 

Sweetwater is a floral company and small lavender farm. We specialize in wedding flowers and host on farm workshops and events. Our florals are known for their organic, whimsical style and we adore arrangements that look like they were just picked from the garden.

What does a normal day look like for you?

I am an early riser. So during summer I try to be up and moving by 5:30 am. I brew some coffee and head out into the garden to water and check on the lavender.

I TRY (keyword, try) to exercise and then our team arrives to start designing flowers around 8am :) We execute multiple weddings per weekend so our weeks are spent elbow deep in gorgeous blooms.

In the afternoon / evening we are usually hosting a farm event like yoga, meditation or a private floral workshop. And if the calendar is open that night, we almost always are harvesting lavender, OR if I'm feeling rebellious we go for a swim in the lake and get ice cream. :) Gotta live a little in the summer up here!

What are your favorite + least favorite parts about what you do?

My favorite part of floral is handing off the bridal bouquet, that moment is so special to me. My least favorite thing is weeding. Ugh.

How are you "making light" in your everyday life?

Oh I adore this question. I really try so hard to just have fun with it all. Even on the most stressful of days- I remind myself that I get to design flowers and grow lavender and teach events- FOR A LIVING. I'm also a big intentions and goals person so each morning I light a candle in the am and have some quiet time to just get my mind where it needs to be.

What is your favorite dance move?

I adore a good hands in the air singing the lyrics as loud as you can and moving my hips in circles moment.
What would be your go-to Leland gal product for a gift? What print?
I LOVE the Good Harbor tote & my fav Leland Gal print is Indigo Katherine's Blooms.
Where can others find you?
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