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I had been following Morgan on Instagram before meeting her in person at @thesouthernc. She takes the glamorous side to motherhood next level with her fashion sense, brands she carries, and now her very own labels she has created from scratch. Everything she brings around the country in her sprinter van will be sure to make you feel pretty, no matter your size of stage of life. We can't wait for her to come back to Fishtown on July 30th

Name: Morgan Hutchinson

Business Name: BURU

Current favorites? 
Been listening to Aretha Franklin's Groovin' on repeat. My husband and I watch It's Complicated far too often. What are books? Our summertime activities are all over the map—literally! We take a 10 week long road trip across the entire USA with our tots in tow for BURU pop-ups and fun in the sun!
Favorite creative pastime?
I love making collages out of BURU Pink Label remnants—I date them by collection, frame them and hang them in little nooks around our home and the BURU HQ.
How has your upbringing influenced your creativity?
I grew up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere Kentucky (pre-amazon). I think it made me scrappy and super resourceful. If you wanted anything out of the ordinary (and I always did) you HAD no choice but to get creative!
Aspiring to...
Shop BURU is a clothing brand curated, designed and styled for motherhood—every phase of it. Of course it would be fabulous to be THE resource for every mama, but helping even one find herself again post baby makes my day!
What does a normal day look like for you?
Every day is a little bit different, but on a typical day, after we get the kiddos to school (or situate our 18-month old with childcare) we head to the office. It's literally around the corner so we can walk (a VERY rare thing in LA!) I start with emails, follow-ups on new collections, new collabs, events, and everything in between—then, I go over what the rest of the day will entail with our team. We are a tight bunch so we like to keep it open. There are always pictures to take, fabrics to source and products to buy. It's a never ending cycle of fashion fun!
What are your favorite + least favorite parts about what you do? 
I love connecting with customers from coast to coast and learning what our mamas want and need. I don't love deciphering the digital aspect of it all—so we just hired a team to handle that! Thank the good Lord!
How are you "making light" in your everyday life? 
Pretty sure my wonderful husband would say that I don't! Ha ha! I get stressed easily because I like things to go a certain way, but I love to laugh, make fun of my shortcomings, overdress when I'm feeling down, and sip on some red wine at the end of the day!
What is your favorite dance move? 
I have no idea what its called, but I find myself doing that move where you put your knees in and out while your hands cross it front. It's super nerdy.
What would be your go-to Leland gal product for a gift? What print?
I absolutely love the needlepoint sets. So unique, personal and memorable! My favorite is the Tugboat.
Where can others find you?
Instagram: @shopburu



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