Style School with Stasia Savasuk
Although, I haven't made it back again yet, attending ALT Summit in the summer of 2014 still creates ripples of connections throughout the internet and IRL. That fall, I was lucky enough to Join Cyndie Speigel's inaugural membership of The Collective of us for bold business women, and Stasia Savasuk was in my "class". 
We would have weekly facetime chats with our business woes and successes and a lot of us were just trying to figure out how to make our passions a viable reality, many of us doing so while trying to raise a families. I really wish I had some screen shots of all of us in those evening calls, no makeup, no sleep and lots of uncertainty for all of us at that point. Enter 2018 Stasia. Confident as hell, fun, GIGANTIC heart,  and spreading her message loud and clear for all to hear. 
At first, I thought Stasia was a "fashion blogger", but she is just so much more than that. First of all, she gains all of her colorful fun wardrobe by thrifting, and her message is clear: "Change your pants, change your life". She's not taking excuses from anyone, this idea does not have to break your bank account.  Stasia is about as down to earth as you get, cuts her own hair, hikes on weekends with her family and is definitely trying to make the world a better place, and help people love themselves for who they truly are. 
How did she find this passion for style and why does she want to spread her message? It's most likely not what you are expecting, and a lot of her inspiration is from her amazing daughter Raisa. Her story is heartwarming, relatable, scary, enlightening, wonderful and speaks volumes about the kind of momma she is. Stasia is DEFINITELY making light of it, daily. 
Do yourself a favor and take 15 minutes to hear Stasia absolutely NAIL her recent TEDx speech, telling her incredible story, as well as spreading her passion asking the question "How do you want to show up in the world?". 
 Immediately following go and follow her on instagram so you can follow along with this wonderful message she continues to spread. 



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